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No more Mac Mini Servers

3 years ago · 2 min read

Approximately a billion people are using more than 1.4 billion Apple devices which is considered a large market to develop for.

So either your product is live or you are trying to POC an idea for an Apple-series app, you would need to acquire a Mac-series device, and if your product is live your requirements will be much more than just having a Mac device as you would have to:

  • Maintain a stable power source and a UPS in case of power issues
  • Keep an up to date software on your Mac Server
  • Have backup servers in case of unanticipated issues at the main one or even to load balance if your build frequency is a bit high

These issues don’t exist for platforms like Windows and Linux in favor of various cloud solutions presented in AWS, Azure, …etc. But there’s not a corresponding one in the case of Mac OS.

This rule don’t apply anyMore, thanks to AWS

AWS has made the dream true via Mac OS EC2 instances

On 30th Nov, just a few hours ago, Jeff Barr (Vice president - AWS) in his awesome article, has announced that AWS EC2 will offer Mac OS AMIs for both Mac OS Mojave and Catalina in various AWS regions.

You can use these instances to create build farms, render farms, and CI/CD farms that target all of the Apple environments that I mentioned earlier. You can provision new instances in minutes, giving you the ability to quickly & cost-effectively build code for multiple targets without having to own & operate your own hardware. You pay only for what you use, and you get to benefit from the elasticity, scalability, security, and reliability provided by EC2.

“Jeff Bar”

Today is considered the starting of a new era of cloud computing and Infrastructure As A Service. It will not only affect production and build servers, but also CI/CD pipelines which will be more efficient and complete as it all its parts will be on cloud side.

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