Disk cloning with Clonezilla

4 years ago · 1 min read

Just made it with Clonezilla. It's really awesome tool when it comes to migrating your OS or whatever storage to another Storage and you want to keep OS, installed applications and configuration as how they are.

Main features fo Clonezilla:
-Backup/ restore HDD or specific partitions
-Baclup/ restore to/from local storage, network storage, ssh storage or even Amazon S3 storage.
-Live bootable cd for emergency cases which really helps as all services are off.
-Expert mode and beginner mode with high details level, makes sure you do not make any mistakes.
-Can run in wizard like process or simply write clonezilla specific code.
-Can check your data is safe by validating that image is restorable.

You can download the live cd here:

And some versions of Hiren's Boot CD includes it.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome with ❤️ at [email protected]